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Howard Gardener is an artist living and working in Chester. Originally from Berkshire, where he trained as a graphic designer, he moved to the northwest in 2000. He has exhibited widely in the south, including the prestigious Threadneedle Prize Exhibition for figurative and representational art in London. More recently, he has exhibited in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

His graphic design background is most evident in his drawings and paintings, which are accomplished using technical drawing pens to form textures which consist of thousands of dots. This technique is largely monochromatic and reveals an interest in form over colour. His work invites the observer to take more than a merely passive role by suggesting, rather than defining, a motive. His highly detailed sculptural work takes these same principles a step further, in addition leaving the observer to question their own preconceived notions of scale and reality.

After a spell during which he trained and worked as a chiropractor, he returned to his first love in 2008. The experience has had the benefit of leaving him with an appreciation of how science and art can collide and still yield interesting results.

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